How to Hire a Divorce Attorney

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How to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Clearwater Florida

Call Lawyer Deb for quick divorce in Clearwater FloridaHow to hire a divorce attorney is a frequently searched phrase on Google and in the Clearwater area.  First, you should consider the relationship you have with your spouse or soon to be ex.  Some couples just don’t get along but they can be reasonable.  If both parties are reasonable as to what they want from the separation or divorce, you may be able to use the same attorney or pay an attorney for an uncontested divorce.

If both parties are emotional or have grievances that cannot be reasonably solved together, or if there are children and a battle for custody will be made, you should consult an attorney on your own.  There are other reasons for hiring a divorce attorney:

  • If your spouse has already hired a divorce for family law attorney
  • If you have been served with divorce papers
  • If your spouse is being unreasonable, dishonest, or vindictive
  • If you and your spouse have children
  • If your spouse has removed money from the family account
  • If your spouse is abusive
  • If your spouse has threatened your or hurt you or the children
  • If you spouse has been arrested
  • If you and your spouse have considerable assets together
  • If you or your spouse is business owner

The goal here is to protect your children, to protect yourself, to protect your assets, and to protect your rights.

Next, visit the lawyer’s website and review their AVVO rating.  You want an attorney that is rated well by former clients and their peers.  Laywer Deb, Deborah A’Hearn, has one of the highest AVVO ratings in Clearwater / Pinellas County and can help you navigate the rough waters of family law and divorce, with or without child custody.

Finally, contact the lawyer’s office at (727) 953-7416 and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and receive some free advice.  Once you have an initial consultation, the divorce attorney will be able to give you the cost for litigating your divorce case in Pinellas County.  A deposit is customary to handle initial court filings and legal briefs and regular payments will continue until your case is finalized by the court.

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Secrets to a Successful Marriage

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Couple divorce family law clearwater florida attorneyWe know marriage isn’t easy and we do deal with a lot of family law divorce cases here in Clearwater Florida but we thought that this article in the NY Times has some good and cute advice for those who wish to read it or share it.

Here is the link:


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Family Law Clearwater Florida pinellas county

Family Law Clearwater Florida

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A’Hearn Family Law and Mediation of Clearwater Florida helps clients navigate the rough waters of emotional legal disputes. Hiring a competent family lawyer for divorce, custody disputes, child support, and adoption is important and you want an attorney who is experienced in complex matters.

You also need an attorney who has a balanced workload with a commitment to put time and focus on your case.

At A’hearn Family Law and Mediation of Clearwater, we will dive into your legal concern and formulate a legal plan towards resolution.

Since we have extensive experience with mediation of all types of disputes, we can often solve many legal problems through careful negotiation.

Mediation can be a quicker and less costly solution, often with better results.

Call Lawyer Deb, Deborah A’Hearn, Esquire, today at (727) 953-7416.