Clearwater Family Law Attorney Deborah A’Hearn, Lawyer Deb

We understand that a divorce is often one of the most emotionally stressful and financially costly events that one may encounter in life and it is our goal to protect your rights. We offer guidance through this time of uncertainty and treat each client with dignity and respect as we navigate you through those rough waters.

Whether you are seeking guidance in a Simplified Divorce or are in need of representation in a more complex Dissolution of Marriage matter, including Equitable Distribution of assets and debts, Alimony, calculating Child Support and establishing Parenting Plans, with Parental Responsibility and Time-sharing, Lawyer Deb will work diligently to effectively represent you and efficiently handle your case.

We approach every family law matter with care and compassion. Whether you seek to establish or modify a parenting plan or child support order, or to establish Paternity, we believe that it is vital to preserve the well-being of the family and to protect children from experiencing the trauma that family disputes can create. It is our goal to preserve the harmony and long term welfare of the family and we will determine an action plan based on your uniquely individual needs. The specific family practice areas: Simplified Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage, including Parenting Plans and Time-sharing, Alimony, Relocation, Modifications, and Grandparent Adoptions.

When you are faced with unexpected life events such as Paternity matters, or have substantial changes in your life circumstances where a Modification of an existing Final Judgment or Order related to Alimony or Child Support may be appropriate. Lawyer Deborah A’Hearn, Esq. will competently prepare your case and earnestly seek relief on your behalf with the court.


Mediation is an alternative to litigation and serves as a mutually responsible way to resolve disputes. In a calm environment, we can help mediate a resolution a that is less expensive and less emotional than lengthy litigation.

In mediation, all parties maintain control over the process versus a court of law, where a judge and jury can be influenced by emotion, drama, and theatrics. Mediation produces finality and allows all parties to return to their normal lives.

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